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Family History Resources

Just a few websites I use: The #1 genealogy website, but you’ve got to pay to play  Tons of records and totally free Users upload pictures and indexes of cemeteries including tons of information on the buried folks Military records galore Great for locating townships and districts If you want some basic information on a county or a historical event, this is a good source


7 thoughts on “Family History Resources

  1. Orealia L. Dooley on said:

    I came upon this while looking for a map of Conway Arkansas. My great grandmother is Arrenda Morris who married a Dooley. I have a photo of “Uncle Bud” Morris. I also have the photo of the school children of Lick Mountain, Arkansas with my grandfather (Thomas Pierce Dooley, Sr) and his brothers and sisters pictured. My grandfather married Dallas Hawkins. This is fascinating and found by accident.

  2. Cherry Johnson on said:

    We were having a Morris reunion every other year but the last one was in California in 1998. We continue to have a McFarland family reunion every other year, and the next one will be in Chicago 2017. I am working on a new family tree and would just be ecstatic if you all would send any pictures you have of any of the names mentioned in this genealogy because my mother and great aunt has talked about every name mentioned. Thank you in advance and God Bless!

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