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Wiley Thomas Childers: a confusing Confederate

Wiley Thomas Childers

One of my two pictures of Wiley Thomas Childers. This photo was uploaded to by user ChadWalker67, who also has some awesome family Bible photos of the Childers family.

Like many Americans, I had ancestors fighting on both sides of the Civil War (and Revolutionary War, but that’s another story). One of my Confederates was Wiley Thomas Childers (1847-1901). My great-great-great grandfather appears in Alabama on US census records in Talladega, Marshall, Clay, and Morgan counties between 1850 and 1900. He and his second wife, Nancy Susan Windsor (1857-1939), left Morgan County and moved to Texas in December 1900. lists a WT Children who served in Hardie’s Reserve Calvary, a unit which saw action in Georgia and Alabama (including Talladega) from 1864-1865. So I assumed this was my ancestor’s war record… until I saw the Widow’s Application for Confederate Pension that Nancy filled out!

Pension records are great sources of information!

Pension records are great sources of information!

“He enlisted as a Private in Company H, 53rd, Regiment Georgia Infantry May 5, 1862 at Zebulon, Ga. Was taken prison Dec 3, 1863 Near Knoxville Tenn, imprisoned at Rock Island Baracks, Rock Island Ill. Released June 17, 1865.”

53rd Regiment of Georgia Infantry?? Prisoner at Rock Island from 1863-1865?? My ancestors are awesome, but they cannot be in two places at once. There must be some bad information somewhere. This new guy sounds more exciting, and I would hope his  own widow would know the correct information when she applied. The most logical explanation would be two guys with the same name serving in the war. I found a new Wiley T. Childers who lived in Pike County, Georgia (where the 53rd was formed). It appears that either my ancestor just happened to enroll 120 miles from home where another Wiley T. Childers lived, or my ancestor’s wife unintentionally(?) used the Confederate service record for the wrong Wiley Thomas Childers when she applied in 1932. Either way, I have some more research to do!


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6 thoughts on “Wiley Thomas Childers: a confusing Confederate

  1. I have few relatives in either of those wars. I wife does have a connection to a family that fought both sides of the revolutionary war.

  2. My Granfather And Uncle Charles Fredrick Holman Senior was A Holman They Had Two Brothers Christopher Holman And Luther Holman And Sisters Betty Holman Martha Holman And India Holman AND A Sister That passed away Her Name was Elizabeth Holman There Dad Was Christopher holzman Senior And There Mom Was Lucille Robinson Holman I Am Kathleen Holman Gandchild Of Leon Foster Holman Family timeline

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