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Isaac Van “Dock” Brown and Caledonia Jones: Happy 142nd Anniversary!

Happy 142nd anniversary to my great-great-great grandparents, Isaac Van Brown and Caledonia Jones!


Isaac Van Brown was born September 18, 1847 in Alabama to James Brown and Morelda Zurilla Wilson.


Caledonia Jones was born in Morgan County Alabama in 1853 to Solomon P. Jones and Paralee Jennings. Isaac (known as Dock) and Caledonia married on June 1, 1871 in Morgan County, Alabama.


Together, they had ten children. After Caledonia’s death in 1891, Dock purchased 158 acres of land at Brown’s Point. He was a farmer and dealer in herbal medicine.  Each of their ten children remained in the area, and a large remnant can be found there today. Isaac and Caledonia are interred at Old New Canaan Cemetery.



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